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🥇  He will see you before he leaves. He’ll see you before he leaves Free training certificates 🙂

Free training certificates  : We will give it to him when he arrives. .We’ll give it to him when he arrives Free training certificates. General facts. Free training certificates.

Water freezes at zero degrees. .Water freezes at zero degree Free training certificates

The sun is setting in the west. The sun sets in the west

the earth is moving around the sun. The earth circles around the sun Free training certificates-

🤓  Free training certificates Important note:  ✅

The simple present tense is not used to express or refer to events or actions that are happening now, because in this case we are using the present continuous tense.

How to question in the simple present tense.

As for the negation method in the simple present tense in the English language, it has two axes.

The first axis: If the verb in the sentence is verb to be (am, is, are) and there is no basic verb in the sentence, in this case the negation is done by placing the negative adverb (not) immediately after the verb to be, which can be reduced to (n ‘ t).

Note that the abbreviation (n’t) cannot be used with (am) but when it is (am not).

Negation Verb to be a subject Free training certificates

I am not am I Free training certificates

He, she, it + isn’t is He, she, it

We, you, they + aren’t are We, you, they


🔥  Free training certificates : Example 🤑

He is not a doctor. . He isn’t a doctor. He’s a doctor. He is a doctor

They are not happy together. They aren’t happy together. They’re happy together. They are happy together Free training certificates.

I’m not at home. I am not at home. I am at home. His father arrives tomorrow. .His father arrives tomorrow Free training certificates

Our meeting starts at 11 am. .Our meeting starts at 11 am

The train arrives at 5 in the morning. The train arrives at 5 Free training certificates pm today

The zoo opens at 10 in the morning. The zoo opens at 10 am Free training certificates

Free training certificates  With some cases indicating the future.

The second axis: If the existing verb in the sentence is a primary verb, we use one of the two exiled auxiliary verbs don’t / Free training certificates doesn’t before the source of the verb we want to negate.

Used to negate the verb if the present subject is he-she-it or the single noun Doesn’t

Used to negate the verb if the present participle is i-we- you-they or the plural noun Don’t

We can apply the above to an example to illustrate how can we reject the following sentence?

✨ Free training certificates. She goes to school by bus 💥


They love their father Free training certificates

In the first example, we find that the subject (she) and then to negate the sentence we choose the auxiliary verb doesn’t after the subject, then we put the existing verb in the sentence in the infinitive so that the negation is Free training certificates done properly, and the sentence becomes Free training certificates  in the state of negation as follows:

Sentence in case of negation Sentence in case of proof Free training certificates

. Free training certificates  She doesn’t go to school by bus. She goes to school by bus Free training certificates

In the second example, we find that the subject (they) and in order to negate the sentence, we choose the auxiliary verb (don’t) immediately after the subject, then we put the verb source to complete my work. Free training certificates.

🙂  Create the simple present tense Free training certificates 🥇

Free training certificates  : We find that the present Free training certificates simple tense tense is one of the important tenses used in English grammar, which every student of Free training certificates English, especially beginners or those interested in learning English, must master it well, because it is the most used tense in the English language in most conversations and everyday situations in general. Free training certificates It is necessary to understand the simple present tense in more detail about its composition and uses, which helps us formulate sentences properly, whether in writing or speaking.

✅  The simple present tense in the English language consists of the verb in its basic form and the addition of the letter (S) or without (S) Free training certificates 🤓 

We know Free training certificates that any verb in the English language has three forms, the first conjugation or what is known as the infinitive and the second conjugation (past simple) and the third conjugation (past perfect), but in forming the simple present tense we only need the infinitive or the first conjugation.

Free training certificates : Example:

I eat I eat Free training certificates

You eat

We eat

The letter (S) is added to the verb in the simple present tense if the pronoun (he, she, it) or a singular noun Free training certificates

Free training certificates: Example:

He eats He eats

She eats

He / she eats the irrational

(Es) is added to the verb in the simple Free training certificates present tense if it ends in one of the following endings (ch, o, ss, zz, x, sh)

(Teaches, washes, passes, goes) Free training certificates.

He is teaching me something new every day. He teaches me something new everyday Free training certificates

She washes the dishes in the morning and evening. She washes vessels in the morning and evening Free training certificates.

I will give her the license if she passes the test. I’ll give her a license if she passes the test

He goes home alone. He goes home alone Free training certificates

The verb (ies) may end in the simple present tense if the verb ends with a letter (Y) and is preceded by a consonant, in this case the letter (Y) is replaced with a letter (i) and then the addition of (es)

🔥 Free training certificates  Example: 🤑

The verb cry, i.e. to cry, we find that the letter (Y) here is preceded by a consonant, here it is replaced by the letter (i) and (es) is added after it.

Here, the verb cry changes to cries until it becomes the simple present tense.

In the event that the verb ends with the letter (Y) and is preceded by one of the vowels (a, e, i, o, u), only the letter (S) is added.

Like the verb play becomes plays when converted to the simple present tense.

✨ Free training certificates  NB: 💥

The existence of an essential verb is not required to formulate the simple present tense, and we may suffice with Free training certificates the subject + the auxiliary verb (verb to be) when talking about a noun or an adjective.

I am a programmer. I am a Free training certificates programmer

she is a beautiful girl. She is beautiful girl

Use the present simple tense in the  Free training certificates  English language

The simple present tense is used in the English language, to denote many events.

The daily routine that we carry Free training certificates out on a regular basis Free training certificates.

He plays football every day. Free training certificates He plays football everyday

She watches TV in the evening. .she watches TV in the evening

I wake up at 7:30 in the morning. I wake up at 7:30 in the morning

I go to work by bus. Free training certificates I go to work by bus

He drinks coffee for breakfast. Free training certificates He drinks coffee at breakfast

Fixed arrangements and appointments. Free training certificates.

🥇  Free Online Courses  Partially funded undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for Jordanian students in Australia 2021 🙂

Free Online Courses  : La Trobe University in Australia is offering the La Trobe Free Online Courses  Jordan Scholarship for Jordanian students. This scholarship is available to cover tuition fees for high-achieving international students admitted to the University’s  Free Online Courses undergraduate and postgraduate programs. This scholarship is valued between 20% to 30% as a reduction in annual tuition fees for the duration of the student’s study.

✅  Free Online Courses  Criteria for applying for scholarships: 🤓

Free Online Courses  To be a Jordanian citizen.

To be a new international student applying for the second, fourth, fifth and sixth semesters (2020), and first, second and summer semesters (2021). Free Online Courses

Be a full-fee-paying student (not sponsored).

Apply to study one of the programs in

LTIS List of Eligible Programs.

Free Online Courses  Recipients of the scholarship are selected by the university based on their WAM score (WAM is an average score that takes into account the value of hour points for subjects completed by the student. It is based on the actual mark for all subjects completed in a program at any time):

🤑  Free Online Courses To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must: 🔥

Free Online Courses Score 55-69.9: La Trobe Jordan Academic Scholarship (20% reduction)

Score 70-74.9: La Trobe Jordan Merit Scholarship (25% reduction) Free Online Courses

Score 75 and above: La Trobe Jordan Excellence Scholarship (30% reduction)

Free Online Courses  Obligations of the recipient:

💥 Free Online Courses  Maintain full-time enrollment and satisfactory academic progress throughout the study period. ✨

Free Online Courses  This scholarship will be applied as a discount on the applicant’s Free Online Courses tuition fee for each subject studied for the duration of the course. The applicant will be required to fulfill all conditions (if any) outlined in the offer Free Online Courses  letter, and accept his offer by paying the required deposit prior to the application of the grant. Note: Failure to fulfill the condition (s) and pay the acceptance deposit on time may result in the scholarship being withdrawn.

🔥  Free Online Courses  About La Trobe University: 😂

Free Online Courses  La Trobe University will be a university known for excellence and innovation on the major issues of our time, and also known for its enthusiasm for making Free Online Courses a difference. It will also be one of the three largest universities in Victoria, one of the ten largest universities nationally and one of the top 500 universities Free Online Courses in the world. Their mission is to advance knowledge and learning to shape the future of students and societies. It also promotes positive change and addresses the major issues of our time by being connected, inclusive and excellent. Free Online Courses.

Free Online Courses  Fully funded PhD scholarship at the University of Cambridge in Britain in Astronomy 2020

The Bustani Foundation is offering a PhD scholarship in Astronomy at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The scholarship aims to support distinguished individuals willing to work on research that will enhance scientific knowledge of space and the universe. The Institute of Astronomy was founded at the University of Cambridge in 1823 and is considered one of the oldest institutes specialized in astronomy in the world. The Astronomy Doctorate Scholarship is awarded once every three years for the duration of the PhD course at the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge, UK. Free Online Courses

Eligibility Criteria: Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses The Boustany Foundation offers this scholarship to distinguished students who have an excellent academic background in the field of astronomy from all over the world.

Candidates must also fulfill academic entry requirements at the University of Cambridge and demonstrate exceptional astronomy capabilities and their ability to meet excellent academic results throughout their studies.

Free Online Courses  Funding and benefits:

Successful applicants receive a scholarship that covers all tuition fees and any other university fees, and students who receive the scholarship are expected to complete an unpaid two-month internship with Al-Bustani Foundation, as the project must be within one of the Foundation’s or its partners’ goals. Travel and accommodation expenses related to the training period will also be covered by the Foundation, and the scholarship will be awarded to the recipients during the second semester starting from April 2022.

About the foundation

Free Online Courses  It is a charitable foundation established by Nabil Al-Bustani and his son Fadi Al-Bustani in 2006 and located in Switzerland and Monaco. Prior to its establishment, the Bustani Foundation awarded its first scholarship in 1997 to an MBA student to study at the University of Cambridge. Since then, the Foundation has awarded many scholarships in various fields, and plans to create more opportunities in the coming years for exceptional students. Free Online Courses.

💥 Online Certificate Programs Do not copy your CV in the motivation letter ✨  

Online Certificate Programs : Many fall into this trap, Online Certificate Programs  as instead of striving to present an interesting picture of themselves in the motivation letter, Online Certificate Programs  they simply copy everything in their CV, and it is true that additional value should be given to the CV by clarifying some of the points mentioned in the CV and talking about New things not previously mentioned. Always know that both the CV and the motivation letter are two documents that complement each  other and do not have to be opposite or exactly the same. Online Certificate Programs.

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🔥 Online Certificate Programs Make your message balanced 🤑

It is true that you have to show yourself in the best way in the motivation letter in order to Online Certificate Programs convince the reader of the letter that you are the best person for the opportunity presented to it, but at the same time make sure that you do not appear arrogant and arrogant, and at the same time do not appear self-confident and do not underestimate yourself. Try to create a balance that makes you express your skills and potential, but with humility. Online Certificate Programs.

Online Certificate Programs  Read also: How to Apply for DAAD Scholarships to Study in Germany.

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🤓   Express your motivation Online Certificate Programs ✅

If you see this scholarship, volunteer opportunity, or training as your ideal opportunity, express that and explain to the reader of the letter the reason why you think you are the best candidate, and that this opportunity is the most suitable for you. Take a look at the benefits of a scholarship or training for which you are applying and talk about how these benefits match your skills and experience.

Find more available undergraduate scholarships on Foras

Find more available Masters scholarships on Fora

Find more available PhD scholarships on Foras Online Certificate Programs

  Support your message with evidence and evidence

Instead of using rigid phrases expressing your skills and experiences, make sure to present evidence and proof of what you say, such as mentioning how your leadership abilities contributed to the success of your graduate project, or the impact of your volunteer work in improving your community … etc. If not, at least explain why you think you have certain skills. If you consider yourself a person who cares about time and order, give examples that support your point of view. Online Certificate Programs

🙂    Talk about your career future Online Certificate Programs 🥇

Do not hesitate to put yourself in the future and talk about your aspirations and your  Online Certificate Programs professional and academic goals that you seek to achieve, and explain how the opportunity you are presenting will help you reach your goal. Online Certificate Programs

Also, see the travel opportunities to Turkey available on Foras Online Certificate Programs


  Avoid mistakes Online Certificate Programs

This applies to all official documents and correspondence, as it must always be read and made sure that they are free of errors in their forms (spelling, grammatical, linguistic … etc.) before sending them. In this case, you can use the audit programs and sites spread on the Internet, or offer the message to one of your acquaintances to read it before you send it.


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Online Certificate Programs  You can also view the following sample motivation letter, which will help you formulate your letter in a proper way, but you must always remember the need to add your own touch and express Yourselves honestly, as this is what makes your message distinct and unique, ensuring that you get the opportunity that you aspire to. Online Certificate Programs

Motivation letter samples Online Certificate Programs.

🙂  Online Certificate Programs  After you finish, you have to install the theme, to be able to create content, 🥇

Online Certificate Programs  : After selecting a new feature, install the new feature by clicking on the Install option and then the Activation Online Certificate Programs option. Online Certificate Programs

Changing themes does not delete pages, posts or content on the website.

Create a website

Create a website

Adding content when creating a website

✅  Online Certificate Programs  After you finish, you have to install the theme, to be able to create content, and therefore you must follow the following: 🤓

Adding and editing pages:  Online Certificate Programs  Word Press, Online Certificate Programs  click on the side section of the control panel to search for page options, then select ” Online Certificate Programs  add new”, and a screen similar to Microsoft Word will appear, adding text, images, and everything you need, then you save it.

Add a page to the list: If you want to link the new page to the navigation bar, follow these steps:

By clicking on the update option, click on all changes on the page. Online Certificate Programs

Click on the appearance option at the bottom of the menus menu in the sidebar of the WordPress dashboard. Online Certificate Programs.

Search for the page and add to the list by clicking the check mark next to the page and Online Certificate Programs then clicking Add to menu.

🤑  Online Certificate Programs Web site hosting  🔥

Online Certificate Programs  Website hosting is a computer that maintains a website mechanism for the program and the server and provides a website address so that the Online Certificate Programs  visitors’ browser can connect to the site, download and draw it for all website visitors, and work is done through a network of multiple computer units connected to the Internet through broadband channels, and there are two types of hosting for a Online Certificate Programs website The web and they are:

The first type: You subscribe to the monthly paid services Online Certificate Programs  from hosting companies such as Godaddy or other hosting companies and this hosting is not free. Online Certificate Programs.

Type 2: It is hosted by several companies Online Certificate Programs including Shibley, Tilda, Wepley, and My Store as part of an integrated software package.

Online Certificate Programs  Create a free website and how to profit from the Internet.

In the recent period, the topic of “Profit from the Internet” appeared among individuals, Online Certificate Programs  and many young people have already tried it. The tremendous gains have already been obtained from this topic, working from home and taking advantage of the Internet, and the idea of ​​its existence has spread among people, but there are many types of this The idea has different sections, which are as follows:

Writing articles.

E-Marketing. Online Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs  Create a website for the money. Online Certificate Programs

Create a blog or wordpress website. Online Certificate Programs

Sign up for a site that predicts revenue and profits. Online Certificate Programs

Work in programming and the means of Online Certificate Programs.

Choose a free theme and all you have to do is search for theme options and click Theme Features to display a list of free features available.

Online Certificate Programs Log into the control panel for your Word account by entering the address com / wp-admin and typing in your domain name.

🔥 Get to know me Professional website design Online Certificate Programs 💥✨

Website design Online Certificate Programs. When you install WordPress on your domain, a completely blank website will appear, so you need a theme that you can install by this Online Certificate Programs  step.

🥇 Domain website || What is the ranges of networks Free Online Courses 🙂

Free Online Courses : What is the meaning of the domain site Free Online Courses, Nitaqat website There are a lot of features that it includes on the Internet, and there is a specific mechanism that works with it, with a wide range of features that we will explain, with an explanation of the most important advice that must be done before reserving a distinguished domain. And the most used and common types of all types.

🤓  Free Online Courses  What is the meaning of the domain site || domain name: ✅ 🔥

Free Online Courses , Domains are defined as something that surrounds something else in Free Online Courses Standard Arabic, and when creating any website, you are required to have a specific domain name in the English language. Free Online Courses.

Free Online Courses  As the Domain name is the one who knows your site and shows it, and it is also one of the most basic components in order to get Free Online Courses a postal site that you can use in banking transactions, and this e-mail is better than using Yahoo or e-mail.


The domain name is written after Www, Free Online Courses  and it consists of 3 basic parts, and before working through the domain site the name of the site was written and defined through the ip and written in numbers, but this method was very difficult in the Free Online Courses way it was saved in this way and rewritten again, until it was discovered the range.

🔥  Domain website Free Online Courses 🤑

It is a central record that saves the Free Online Courses domain name or domain, and it can be switched to the digital Internet system or IP address, as this record translates the Free Online Courses domain name into a digital name that is easy to download, so that the site appears easily.

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What is the ranges of networks Free Online Courses.

It must be Free Online Courses  known that a network is nothing but an administrative group that contains many printers, as well as computers, and through Fox devices that work in a specific company or a building, Free Online Courses  and there must be a domain name assigned to connect all networks to each other. Free Online Courses

The Free Online Courses  domain site is used to facilitate the process of opening the network and accessing the required content, and the domain name can be used by the main device.

✨ Banding components Free Online Courses 💥

Free Online Courses  The range includes starting from 3 types as mentioned, and they are as follows:

This is an abbreviation of the word World wide web, meaning the World Wide Web, and once you write it, this means that you need to access the World Wide Web.

Domain name. The name of the site or domain includes the domain of the site or the name that you have chosen, and it can include letters, numbers, or both, and you can also write signs such as (-).

It is the last part of the domain name, and in fact there are more than 100 different extensions, and each type differs in meaning as well as in use, but what we are talking about is the most important of them all.

✅  Free Online Courses Domain types || site domains: ✅

There are very many types of known domains that cannot be limited to one article, but we will explain the most important and popular types:

Free Online Courses .com: This address is used by commercial companies and is one of the most used addresses.

.Net: This address is assigned to Internet companies themselves, which are network organizations. Free Online Courses

.org: This is one of the addresses designated for governmental organizations.

Eddu: for educational institutions and institutes, such as an educational institution.

.Gov: address for all government facilities. Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses  mil: used in military establishments.

The domain name cannot be duplicated twice at the same address, for example there Free Online Courses  cannot be two addresses in the whole World Wide Web in the form of Abc.com, but a person can have two accounts, but not of the same type, for example Abc.com, Abc.net.

Free Online Courses  The same method is represented by our phone numbers, as no two people can have the same phone number, and Nitaqat works in this way around the whole world through the Internet. Free Online Courses.