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Free training certificates : Many people are afraid of the experience of learning English in sound and image remotely, in anticipation that it lacks direct learning Free training certificates or there are immediate assessments and a way to correct errors directly, but in fact, the opposite is true, so as soon as Free training certificates you rely on English Live, a site to teach English to beginners with sound and image, you are so It guarantees getting the equivalent of a private lesson for you alone, as the teacher’s task is to explain the English language at the appropriate level for you and repeat the explanation if you need to, as well as evaluate you immediately on every activity you do.

English Live also provides another method for Free training certificates enjoyable and effective learning by learning English with sound and image without a teacher, and this is done through pre-pictured videos, through which many of the rules of the English language are explained in sound and image through representative situations and the like so that the information is communicated to learners in the simplest and most common way. An impact at the same time.

If you are looking for a site to teach English to Free training certificates beginners with sound and image and with the utmost efficiency, you can count on the owner of more than 50 years of experience in the field of teaching English through a site to teach English for free with sound and image, which has contributed to educating 20 million people so far from around the world .


🤓  Free training certificates  Helping the student to remember words and verbs in terms of pronunciation and listening, not just writing. ✅

Achieve more fun during study time.

An interactive, self-loving way that ensures more stability of the information than traditional methods.

Exploiting videos to depict life models in which phrases and dialogues can be used more than traditional approaches.

💥Free training certificates Easy to download videos to watch and replay more than once at any convenient time for the student. ✨     

The ability to pause the video in order to repeat the phrases behind the speaker and repeat them any number of times, and it is one of the most important features that you need in a site to teach English to beginners with sound and image.

You can learn English with audio and video in order to pass the TOEFL test, or to qualify for the TOEIC® test with English Live, Free training certificates through programs specially prepared for these purposes.

In addition, audio and video English programs help those who wish to learn the language intensively in preparation for close travel. Explanation videos of terms and phrases that are used during travel greatly help them.

🤑 Free training certificates A site to teach English for beginners with audio and video 🔥

We provide English Live with a number of elements that make it the best site for teaching English in audio and video, not only for the diversity of language teaching programs in it to be compatible with 16 levels of language proficiency in line with the Common European Language Reference System (CEFR), but because it depends on the explanation on clips Recorded video that simplifies explaining grammar and memorizing new words and terms.

For example, if you want to learn new vocabulary from the language, you will see an analog scene that Free training certificates reflects an image from real life, through which you will learn new words that will appear next to the video gradually as the video progresses, and you can also activate the (subtitle) feature that allows you to transcribe everything he says. Actors so that you can learn every word in the video, and thus you will be able to learn English with audio and video.

During the grammar teaching videos, Free training certificates which some consider the most difficult thing in the English language, you will watch a short, light-colored analog video at the same time, through which the focus is on a base of grammar, and then you get to know the grammatical base in more detail and take some examples and sentences Not only that, but you will be exposed to several activities Free training certificates after understanding the lesson, which will help consolidate your understanding of that rule.

And do not forget that one of the features Free training certificates of English Live as a site to teach English for free with sound and image is that you will listen to the correct and correct pronunciation of qualified teachers and native speakers (Native), Free training certificates which ensures that you learn a sound English language.