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Fully funded online courses  : During its path, EF English Life School has contributed to Fully funded online courses changing the lives of millions of people after it has enabled them to master the English language, as the goal of our educational programs is not only to increase the individual’s vocabulary or to teach him the largest amount of grammatical and grammatical rules, but the main goal is to raise his linguistic level as a whole. And providing him with a set of skills that enable him to practice the language effectively and rely on it completely.

The educational Fully funded online courses process within the EF English Life School is characterized by a great deal of ease and ease, especially with reliance on the English language teaching program, sound and image, a set of interactive lessons, hundreds of exercises and other innovative and effective educational methods and systems, which ensure the highest benefit for the student with the help of an extremely distinguished team that includes A selection of academics and teachers with long experience and their mother tongue is English or bilingual who are Fully funded online courses available 24/7.

At EF English Live, we Fully funded online courses offer a general English language education program that consists of 16 educational levels, which match the international standards set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​“CEFR”. The educational levels included in the educational program range from the introductory A1 levels to the advanced levels C2.

The graded English education program aims to develop the student’s language skills up to the degree of full English proficiency, through a wide range of interactive lessons and the most advanced and most effective educational visual and audio media.

✅   English language teaching program for the computer Fully funded online courses  🔥

EF English Live Fully funded online courses School provides its students with the best English language teaching program for computers and various types of digital devices; Where they can access the various departments of the school and benefit from educational services around the clock, by entering the school website directly or through its own applications.

The English language teaching program provided through us includes hundreds of interactive educational Fully funded online courses exercises and activities that ensure the improvement of language skills and upgrading them within a short period of time, and also follows a unique and effective method in teaching grammar rules, some may see that studying these rules is boring, but not with the language teaching program English audio and video from EF English Live, which does not follow the direct instruction method, but the grammar lessons are combined with a group of other lessons and are presented through audio and video clips, which makes the presentation of the information interesting and easy to understand.

🤓  English language teaching voice and image program Fully funded online courses 🤑

Our English education program relies almost mainly on the method of direct interaction and training the student to actually practice the language, by involving the student in many direct conversations during which he is trained to use the language in a practical, listening and speaking manner. These interactive activities are conducted online through the English language teaching program, in sound and image, in two Fully funded online courses different ways, as follows:

Conversation classes: in which the student participates in a group Fully funded online courses conversation that includes a teacher and a limited group of students

Live classes: during which the language is practiced with one of the expert teachers through direct contact with them (one-on-one).

These interactive conversations can be run and benefited from through multiple means, such as traditional computers through the English language learning program for the computer or through various tablets and other smartphones.

💥 Master English language skills in an interesting and fun way Fully funded online courses 🔥

The English Language Teaching Program for Beginners offered by EF English Live School is based on effective curricula and innovative educational systems that have won many awards, where information is presented in an interesting way, which makes the educational process in itself distinctive and enjoyable away from the use of boring traditional methods and relying on memorization and indoctrination only Thus it ensures the greatest possible benefit for the student.