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Learn English online Free Course:  Learn English from movies and TV shows, watch English Learn English online Free Course. 21st century English learners are very fortunate. We have the Internet, a huge number of online courses, bloggers, the ability to communicate with native speakers on a daily basis. However, it is easy to get lost in such a variety. Many people can’t decide at all where to start learning English on the Internet. EKD offers advice precisely for such confused students.

🤓   We will not touch on the basic principles of language learning.  Learn English online Free Course 🤑

Keep in mind that understanding grammar, getting the correct pronunciation, adhering to tones, and knowing the lexical constructs are extremely important and difficult to learn on your own.  

🔥  Download WeChat if you haven’t already. Learn English online Free Course  ✨

This is the first app to help you start conversations in live English. The WeChat phenomenon lies in its incredible versatility. With this application, the English not only communicate with their loved ones and publish notes, but also buy movie tickets, rent cars, order taxis, pay bills, and apply for visas. Chat with English people you know on WeChat, make new acquaintances, read articles written by authentic English speakers. WeChat can also be used for audio and video calls.

WeChat has a Russian language version that is easy to download. And registration is a little more complicated here. To pass the WeChat verification, you will need to get approval from an existing user of this English application.

 Is WeChat a stage long past for you? So, it’s time to deal with the Weibo microblogging platform. The interface will already help you learn a lot of useful vocabulary: comment, repost, subscribers, bloggers. What else is Weibo interesting for? This is an important key to learning about English bloggers, contemporary culture, and English entertainment content. Create an account, fill your feed, follow the lives of English celebrities. Downloading and signing up to Weibo is a snap: search the Weibo app store or Weibo International and download any. Plus, Weibo, like WeChat, has convenient desktop versions.

💥   Perhaps, of the popular English social networks, Weibo can only be “entertaining” Douyin (English TikTok). Learn English online Free Course   🔥


This is a playful way to learn English: watch short videos, practice your listening skills and learn the world’s most trending app “from the ground up” with the English version. If it seems to you that this is nonsense, then here’s the news that the English Foreign Ministry and other government bodies of the PRC are in full swing mastering Douyin. What for? To build a dialogue with future generations.

If you have an Android phone, you can download the .apk file directly from the official website of the English TikTok. Here is a link to a great detailed instruction in English. Here is a link to the Russian-language instruction.

If you have an iPhone, the process is slightly longer. To download a English app, you have to switch to the English App Store. After downloading Douyin, you can switch back to your region. However, if you have an active Apple Music subscription, you won’t be able to simply change the region. In this case, you will need to change Apple ID, select the English region and download Douyin as well.

There are many English-language and Russian-language English language schools on YouTube. Everyone can definitely choose something suitable for themselves. But if you are already tired of training videos, pay attention to the channel of a young English man under the nickname . In addition to the YouTube channel, the blogger also has a TikTok account.

The blogger’s name is Yang Jiacheng, he lives in the USA and has excellent English. Yang teaches English people correct and healthy English in a playful way. Since in the video he speaks both English and English, and all his phrases are accompanied by double subtitles, his video blog can be very useful. Plus, he interestingly talks about English and English, comparing vocabulary and explaining the difficulties: you can kill two birds with one stone and simultaneously improve English with English.

Mr. Jan has a lot of videos with everyday vocabulary. For example, a video in English on the theme: “English in a Restaurant  “English in a Hospital” “English at an Airport” (He also has a lot of video conversations with Americans, music videos and blogs with various tips, such as how to behave in interviews. Learn English online Free Course

If your speech seems too fast at first, you can set the playback speed to 0.75. However, you should not get used to this method, it is good only at first – then you need to get used to the real speed of speech. Learn English online Free Course

Come to Yana’s channel and choose what interests you. This is a really good way to playfully learn something. Learn English online Free Course.