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Learn English online Free Course : Instead, we will invest in providing our services, from our centers in Jerusalem and Ramallah Learn English online Free Course, in digital English language teaching and online basic skills training designed to help more young people in the West Bank and Gaza to enhance their employability skills. We will expand our English language supply from Jerusalem and Ramallah to reach 5,000 people across Palestine by 2021, with a focus on entrepreneurs, contractors and freelance professionals in the digital sector, as well as the wider audience of students. Learn English online Free Course

We are committed more than ever to enhancing our work on the English language in Palestine by  Learn English online Free Course  supporting the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and UNRWA to improve standards for teaching English in schools all over Palestine. Last year, more than 1,500 teachers from government and UNRWA schools participated in our training programs. Learn English online Free Course

We will continue to provide all British examinations and certificates, Learn English online Free Course  including IELTS and Cambridge English exams. Learn English online Free Course  The British Council’s work in arts, society and education will also continue in the Occupied Palestinian Territories – the only change will be in the introduction of English language courses to the public. Learn English online Free Course

We have a wide range of free online resources to help adults, teens and kids learn English.  

🤑  Those interested in online learning can visit Learn English online Free Course 🤓   

IELTS Word Power is an application designed for English language users who want to expand their vocabulary knowledge and improve their vocabulary understanding.

💥  Learn English with our applications Learn English online Free Course 🔥

Improve your English with our fun language learning apps! Games, videos and quizzes designed for the whole family will help you learn English at home or on the go.

LearnEnglish Grammar app

Master your English grammar with the thousands of questions included in the interactive grammar exercises book. The questions range from beginner to advanced.

LearnEnglish Audio and Video

Watch and listen to English conversations from everyday life to improve your English listening skills, as each episode of audio files and videos comes with audio transcripts and comprehensive exercises to help you understand.

 IELTS Word Power

Prepare for IELTS with this application that gives you the opportunity to answer more than 100 questions in 11 fields as diverse as science, technology and business. Learn English online Free Course

LearnEnglish GREAT Videos

Practice your listening skills with this video based app. Watch 24 short video clips about UK culture, learn about the history of the English language, and discover London museums and other famous sites in the UK. Learn English online Free Course

🔥  Sounds Right Learn English online Free Course ✨

An interactive pronunciation chart that helps you learn the sounds of English quickly and easily. It also contains an audio recording of sample words and sounds to improve your verbal skills.  Learn English online Free Course

Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge

Run the test time and answer as many grammar and vocabulary questions as possible in 60 seconds! Provided by grammar expert Johnny Grammer, this app’s questions range from beginner to advanced. Learn English online Free Course

 “Learning Time with Timmy 2” application

Enhance your child’s language development, cognitive and motor skills with this fun app. The games help children learn and practice vocabulary, as well as connect words to build simple sentences. This is the second app in a series of learning English apps with TV star Timmy. Learn English online Free Course

“Learning Time with Timmy” application

Kids 6 years old and younger can now play exciting games and listen to English words to learn about numbers, colors, shapes and food with Timmy and his friends. The app was created by the British Council in collaboration with Aardman Animation, the company that produces the series “The Sheep Shaun” and “Timmy Time”.