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Learn English online Free Course  : Learn English online Free Course  And also a tale about how not to sell. Or sell this way, only in the bazaar, and not on the Internet.

Update – several fakes appeared in the comments to discredit this post or Yakov himself. Never mind. Most likely these are the fruits of Jacob’s checks.

🤑  Who is too lazy to read the comments, I will say that in the end Learn English online Free Course: 🤓  

With which I completely agree: with the fact that not quite correct conditions were spelled out on the course page. Since I updated them in one place, and did not have time to change in another. This has now been fixed. Learn English online Free Course

Convenient! Accuse the client of theft, then change the conditions to “correct”. Learn English online Free Course  Who is interested in how the author of the course will make you a thief, inadequate and a bad client, when he himself could not check if everything is okay with the course page, please read the full article and correspondence. Well, comments. Learn English online Free Course

Today I decided to please myself with an online course, for which there was time due to quarantine, and my choice fell on the course on web analytics by Yakov Osipenkova (course author) – Learn English online Free Course  “Introduction to Web Analytics”. I paid 11 900 rubles on the website. and began to expect my course, access to which they should send to me by mail. About an hour later, the following request comes to the mail:

And these are exactly the requirements. Since without answers I will not be able to get the course. After payment. Why should I now transfer my personal contacts to this author? Moreover, questions about my project and my social networks. Why should I do this?

💥 Next step, write to the author (here is the most interesting)! Learn English online Free Course 🔥

Not understanding the purpose and, in general, the legality of such a situation, I write to the author. It is important to note here that after our correspondence, the author updated the purchase conditions on the course page, but it’s good that there is a Google cache, and he perfectly saved this information: Learn English online Free Course

🔥   Let’s get down to correspondence Learn English online Free Course ✨

To consider the situation fully, I post all the correspondence. In order not to take many screenshots, I’ll just put the text. Learn English online Free Course

The educational project “Yandex.Practice” has launched the online English courses “Flow”. They have replenished the library of service specialties, told vc.ru in the company.

Students get access to an interactive simulator with 10,000 exercises. They recreate real life and work situations in which you can master vocabulary, basic grammar and pronunciation. The service provides 24/7 chat support – teachers answer questions.

After the exercises, you can practice new skills with a language trainer. The interlocutors are constantly changing so that a person can overcome the fear of communicating in English. Even at the initial level, 20% of communication is with a native speaker, the company says.

Learn English online Free Course  Each student has his own mentor – a teacher with five years of experience and professional certificates (TKT, CELTA, TESOL, DELTA). It helps you learn, tracks progress, and can recommend a level up if the student is successful.

Upon completion of the course, the student undergoes final testing and receives an official certificate of professional development – the company provides educational services under a state license, explained Pyotr Yanovich, Head of the Flow product. Learn English online Free Course

The cost of training is 9800 rubles per month. It includes a simulator, 240 minutes of conversation practice, 120 minutes of mentoring and 24/7 help chat. You can start training for free: go through 20-30 exercises and one lesson with a language trainer.

Now students have access to training programs for the elementary and intermediate levels (Intermediate). Beginner, Pre-Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate will be launched in the near future, the company explained to vc.ru. Learn English online Free Course

“We plan training in such a way that it is necessary to study 3-4 hours a week. Then in 6-7 months you can complete the course and improve your level, ”said Piotr Yanovich. Learn English online Free Course

According to Yandex.Praktikum, in the areas of IT, finance, media and entertainment, employers are willing to pay 19% more for speaking the language. In 2019, the demand for such specialists has tripled. Learn English online Free Course