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Learn English online Free Course  : Even if you never planned to become a professional programmer, it is useful to know the rules by which the modern digital world exists.  Learn English online Free Course  After all, it’s cool to write a simple program while you’re at home. There will definitely be something to brag about to friends. And there, perhaps, it is not far from a digita startup. Learn English online Free Course

🤑  Suitable for: anyone who has minimal interest in mathematics and logic and who is just interested in trying. Learn English online Free Course 🤓

An easy course for non-professionals who are interested in programming. To master the material, you will need basic knowledge from the school curriculum in mathematics. Ideal for those who want to get familiar with the C ++ language and stretch their logic.

Duration: 12 lessons, 4-5 hours per lesson, starting from the third lesson

An introductory course on the elements of one of the most popular Python programming languages. Ideal for students who have no experience in writing programs in any of the programming languages.

Duration: 28 lessons, 3-6 hours per week

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Another profession related to the development of digital technologies. In simple words, UI (User Interface) is what the interface looks like, and UX (User Experience) is what impression a person gets using it. Learn English online Free Course

The UX designer makes the site or application as convenient as possible, and the user’s path to the final goal is pleasant and logical. The UI designer comes up with how each step along the way will look like. Together it turns out to develop a truly userfriendly interface that helps sell. Learn English online Free Course

Suitable for: those who want to enter IT, but think that writing codes is boring; novice designers, web designers and digital managers. Learn English online Free Course

The authors promise that the lessons will be understandable even for those who have never been fond of design. In the first six months, you will learn the basics of web design, the second half will be completely devoted to UX design.

Duration: 12 months

Cost: the first six months are free, then – 3900 rubles per month

UX Expert Professor Scott Clemmer’s program is aimed at web designers who want to delve deeper into UX. It consists of 8 courses, from basic principles of UX design, forms and elements to information design and launching experiments.

Duration: 3 to 10 weeks


And again digital, but now marketing. Programmatic is an automated way of purchasing targeted advertising on the Internet, when you buy not a place on the site, but display a banner to a certain type of audience through automatic platforms. These online marketing algorithms optimize media purchases and increase campaign performance.

Suitable for: beginners, marketers who want to be in trend and those who plan to abandon agency services and independently manage programmatic purchases.

Getintent is a team of programmers, analysts and media strategists who create programmatic solutions based on artificial intelligence. They made a course that gives general information about programmatic and introduces the platform. The goal is to attract more specialists to digital marketing. At the end of the course, students take a test and, based on its results, receive a programmatic specialist certificate.

🔥  Statistics Learn English online Free Course  ✨

To be able to work with large amounts of information today is more relevant than ever. It’s not just the gigabytes of photos, audiobooks and movies that take up your laptop’s memory. There is a huge amount of data hidden from the average consumer: from the history of transactions in banks to search queries and user behavior on the Internet. A data specialist analyzes this information and builds models based on it that help make decisions in science, business and everyday life.

Suitable for: students and researchers of all specialties, high school students and those who work with information (that is, almost everyone).

The introductory course is designed for students who do not have specialized knowledge of mathematics. It is suitable both for those who are just beginning to learn the intricacies of mathematical statistics, and for those who already have some experience in data processing and analysis. Lecturer – Anatoly Karpov, data scientist Learn English online Free Course English online Free Course.

Duration: 27 lessons, 3-4 hours per week Learn English online Free Course