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Online Certificate Programs : change management Online Certificate Programs. Leadership skills are an Online Certificate Programs  essential component of all success equations, whether on the personal, professional or academic level. When an organization fails to achieve its main objectives, the leadership or senior management bears the blame, and when the institution succeeds and its work develops, Online Certificate Programs success is attributed to leadership. Therefore, the success or failure of any organization, group, society, or government depends on the leaders and leadership styles used in the organization. Leadership has always been an important component of implementing successful change, and its importance has increased in recent times because of changes that were never on the list of anticipated risks. As a result, Online Certificate Programs  we have seen that recent change management research and studies pay a great deal of attention to the way leaders deal with employees and integrate them in the context of Online Certificate Programs  change, recognizing that successful leadership requires a wide range of knowledge and skills.

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“One of Online Certificate Programs  the important aspects of effective leaders today is the ability to lead change,” says Joseph Folkman, an expert in leadership development. “The most distinct difference between people we consider good managers versus those we consider great leaders is that leaders are adept at making change.” A successful change strategy requires not only good planning, but also good leadership, as strategic change does not happen on its own. Effective leaders are the ones who guide the process from start to finish. Thus, employees expect their leaders a lot of clarity, communication, And accountability – especially in Online Certificate Programs the midst of change.

There are many competencies Online Certificate Programs that distinguish a successful change leader from others, in the next part of this post we devote an area to identify two of the main competencies that many articles and studies share on the topic of change leadership, and the characteristics of a successful change leader:

🤓 First: Self-awareness and identifying your leadership potential Online Certificate Programs  ✅

The roots of effective leadership lie Online Certificate Programs in understanding the leader you are today and the leader you need to be,  Online Certificate Programs so that your team or department is always thriving. The journey all leaders travel involves discovering the overlap between your personality, your style, Online Certificate Programs  your strengths and weaknesses, the needs of your unit, and new skills and abilities that you can hone. Self-awareness provides hiking shoes for this trip, and in order to realize the importance of self-awareness during the driving journey, it is necessary to answer the following questions:

🙂  Online Certificate Programs  1- Why is self-awareness important to effective leadership? 🥇

Impacting on others Online Certificate Programs starts with your awareness of yourself, your feelings, thoughts, and abilities, so that you have an understanding of your reactions to the challenges you face, self-aware leaders assess and develop their strengths, and they know how to deploy them to motivate and inspire those in their loneliness. They also know their weaknesses and blind spots, Online Certificate Programs when to stop before saying or doing something, things they should not try to do, when to surround themselves with perspectives and complementary methods, and where to focus personal improvement efforts.

You can learn a lot about yourself through how others interact with you. Multiple patterns in the behavior of others can alert us to our own. Plus the importance of cultivating relationships with peers and mentors, especially those who hold or hold similar positions and those with whom you can openly discuss what works and what doesn’t. Every leader needs “critical friends.” Our self-awareness is supported by listening – active listening – for others to gather as much information as possible.