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Online Certificate Programs : Hiam Hayek Online Certificate Programs.  At a time when schools and universities close their doors around the world, it will be difficult to close the door of growing questions, and among the urgent questions: Online Certificate Programs  How do we keep students safe after the epidemic? How can we ensure students get what they need, take the required courses and classes, without risking their lives?

Online Certificate Programs  Tech-savvy students expect their interactions with colleges and universities to be similar to the way they currently communicate via their social media tools or to those they used to shop on Online Certificate Programs via e-commerce sites. But the reality is different, as the value of automation and digital transformation transcends the general features of productivity, and moves towards inclusive learning, collaboration, and improved decision-making. Online Certificate Programs  For universities to thrive in the future and secure their place in the new world after the pandemic, they must make the digital transformation now and start promoting solutions that help them become faster and more cost-effective.

🤓  Online Certificate Programs  Questions that must be met during the digital transition ✅


There is an increasing digital divide among the world’s Online Certificate Programs universities, the size of which varies between early adopters of digitization and major adopters and late adopters. Consequently, students who are technologically aware will not have patience with the late adopters, Online Certificate Programs  and certainly not one of their options will be to join a university stuck in the past, which makes it imperative for universities not to slow down and start practical steps for a comprehensive digital transition, because of the Corona virus, if your operations are not digital in proportion 100%, Online Certificate Programs  you’ll be soon.

Through Online Certificate Programs  the use of cloud computing applications, analytics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, the digital world can be your oyster while preparing your organization for continued success. However, many colleges still find it difficult to standardize technologies at the institution level in addition to the disparity in the digital capabilities of the classroom, Online Certificate Programs  and as a result, we find that there are many priorities and challenges facing many colleges today such as:

🤑  Online Certificate Programs  How to simplify costs, and how to standardize the procedures for outsourcing, cooperation and joint partnership. 🔥

 How to identify and publish Online Certificate Programs  applications designed for student success such as getting early alerts, tracking progress, answering questions, promoting academic maps, course planning, and other Online Certificate Programs  technical matters.

⭐  How to carry out analyzes to reach Online Certificate Programs  the goal of improving competency, data-driven decisions, and student success 💥

 How Online Certificate Programs  to use technology to improve research, scholarship, and student access around the world

 How to use technology to raise security and improve the student experience, and how to ensure student safety Online Certificate Programs  in the emergence of rapidly evolving viruses

✨  re many questions, and the good news is that these questions and challenges can be easily addressed. There are several solutions you can try  ⌚

1- Digitize the library Online Certificate Programs  and automate the library reference service desk using chatbots Online Certificate Programs

There is no doubt that the college library is home Online Certificate Programs to valuable content and continuously contributes to a comprehensive university experience. However, in troubled times, libraries are usually the first to close their doors. As a result, it becomes the ideal option to digitize the library and provide periodicals and digital books that students can easily access through a specific portal and using their membership number.