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Travel and Tourism  : Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! This is the message that welcomes you at the entrance to Sin City, one of the most famous cities in the United States, the city of sin, built in a strip of the Nevada desert. World gambling capital Las Vegas must be experienced without asking too many questions.

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🤓  Las Vegas Travel and Tourism ✅

In the glittering, tacky and excessive absurdity of Las Vegas there is room for everyone in a colorful jumble of celebrities, students, future spouses, cheer leaders, women and business men, retirees, gypsy birthdays, tourists and so on, more put. But it doesn’t matter if you’ve been hanging around for days with neck-strapped alcohol-filled vuvuzuela (several layered drinks), frequented brothels, married in the madness of the moment, or gambled every penny at the casino, because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Travel and Tourism

🔥  When Las Vegas was born Travel and Tourism 🤑  

Las Vegas was born when, in 1902, the railway line connecting Salt Lake City to Los Angeles was inaugurated. In 1931 gambling was legalized and in 1946 the Flamingo was inaugurated, the oldest still existing resort on the Strip, founded by gangster Ben “Bugsy” Siegel. From here on, the expansion of Las Vegas is there for all to see. Travel and Tourism

💥  How to get to Las Vegas Travel and Tourism 💥

You can get to Las Vegas by plane and land at Las Vegas McCarran, which is the main international airport serving the city, or – as I did – with very comfortable buses. As I told you in the article dedicated to Los Angeles, the first stop of my tour in the United States, I did the Los Angeles – Las Vegas route with MegaBus, which will drop you off at Union Station at the South Strip Transfer Terminal in Las Vegas .

To move from your arrival point to your hotel you can take a taxi or book a cumulative taxi online, this is a shared taxi service that will give you the same convenience as a private taxi, but at a lower cost 😉 Travel and Tourism

💥  What to do in Las Vegas Travel and Tourism 💥

Mainly these are the activities you can dedicate yourself to in Las Vegas:

visit the bizarre hotels of the Strip

play at the casino

relax by the pool

experience the many hotel rides Travel and Tourism


eat any type of food you can think of

drink cocktails of all kinds in large quantities

participate in streap teases of all kinds

participate in the many shows and concerts

get married in a chapel inside the hotels

participate in one of the many tours that will allow you to visit the surroundings or go as far as the Grand Canyon

The part of Las Vegas that will strike you the most is the Strip (Las Vegas Blv), the glittering street that you see in all the films overlooked by the main hotel-casinos and clubs of the city, which goes from the Mandalay hotel to the Circus Circus for a total of 6.5 km. Not a long way if you think about it, but you will struggle to see it all in 3 days. The reason? At every corner you will find a good reason to stop! Travel and Tourism

In Las Vegas you will find all kinds of hotels and entertainment, from the most chic to the most vulgar. When I talk about hotels in Las Vegas, do not imagine places intended only for overnight stays, here the hotels are the central point of city life and each of them is a real themed citadel, with its entertainment, shows with famous stars international, wedding chapels, restaurants, play and relaxation areas. Travel and Tourism

If you are wondering which hotel to choose in Las Vegas, you have two options: you can choose one of the many resorts on the Strip, or one of the motels in the nearby streets, which cost much less. If you decide on this solution, do not be afraid, the hotels on the Strip and their services are open to the public and not just to guests. Most of the hotels on the Strip connect to each other in some way. On the ground floor there are the areas dedicated to casinos, all the same, with their carpet in shades of beige and brick and that annoying sweet smell. Here people spend hours there, armed with cigarettes, sunglasses and soft drinks. The private rooms, which can be seen from time to time, are instead reserved for those who “play hard”. And speaking of casinos, I have to dispel a myth: you know in the movies when you see those sexy bombs of waitresses squeezed in skimpy uniforms pass by? Here, the uniforms are those, but the content is not exactly like in the common imagination. These are mostly ladies marked by time and – above all – by a lifestyle that is most likely not too healty … Going up the hotel floors you will find all kinds of cuisine, shops or diversions. Travel and Tourism.

▷  Travel and Tourism  Da San Francisco a San Diego on the road ◁

Travel and Tourism : An incredible emotion awaited with me at the departure gate of the Venice airport. Destination San Francisco. After endless hours for me, and a stopover in Philadelphia, finally the runway lights. California was waiting for me, a long strip of land waiting to be beaten. Travel and Tourism

San Francisco. Let’s say that for mid-August the city doesn’t give a warm welcome. You may think that California is synonymous with sun, sea and heat, but it is not quite so: actually as Mark Twain said, “my worst winter was my summer in San Francisco”. The impact is surprising, a city that boasts a myriad of things to see, visit and experience.

The choice falls on discovering it on foot, as the best means of transport if not a comfortable pair of shoes. Travel and Tourism

Streets of an embarrassing slope and flanked by houses that alternate with large buildings as if to indicate the majesty of the place. Travel and Tourism  The first day of walking deserves a visit: Union Square, the main square where you can spend pleasant hours listening to artists who try their hand at Jazz performances; China town the famous Chinese quarter, much more Chinese than a common Chinese quarter in China; Pier 39 with a deafening noise of seals cackling among themselves and an impenetrable Alcatraz in the background, and its extremely touristy side of shops and street artists … but an unforgettable crab soup that makes me hungry at the very thought … Travel and Tourism

⚡ California on the road – travel USA Travel and Tourism 👌

The Moma Museum: for one who loves art, this museum is not to be missed, where the extravagance and intellect of an artist lead to the creation of somewhat bizarre but absolutely unmissable works.

Golden Gate. Suddenly you see it and it is love at first sight. Something that goes beyond the immense, the majestic, the impressive. It stands out in the middle of the bay, it is the host, it hosts you and it is kind, it lets itself be looked at … its orange color makes it visible even under a thick blanket of fog that often surrounds it. Travel and Tourism

❤️ trip to California Travel and Tourism ❤️

A rental car is the best solution if in the next 15 days you have to travel considerable distances, and this is how we head south leaving San Francisco behind with its unpredictable weather and its wind that has enveloped us for a few days.

Leaving the coastal road from which I managed to catch a glimpse of surfers at work waiting for some worthy wave, the heavy traffic takes us to Monterey, a small town overrun by raccoons that meet at every corner constantly looking for something to nibble on. The main attraction is the large aquarium, one of the most beautiful and well-known in the world with a section entirely dedicated to jellyfish that illuminate the atmosphere while walking inside a tunnel in the middle of the water. A sense of peace among sea creatures.

❤️ Travel and Tourism  California, USA ✅

Set off to continue our journey, we travel along the coastal road with a priceless view of the Pacific. A gray and clear sky surrounds the wonderful scenery of Big Sur. Cliffs overlooking the sea where high waves, loved by surfers, crash against us. The air is full of scents brought from the sea mixed with the humid ones of the surrounding woods. These are the places that Henry Miller fell in love with, and now I understand why.

Traveling south the scenery changes, as do the temperatures that seem to rise a little. The cliffs are interrupted and give way to flatter and less rocky beaches, from which during a stop we were able to see whales and dolphins.

These are places that should be savored more calmly, perhaps stopping for a few days, to see every single detail, because they convey an incredible tranquility, a right place to think between the peace of the forest and the waves of the sea. We decide to bypass Santa Monica and veer east into a town called Bakersfield to get as close as possible to our next stop, Las Vegas. Travel and Tourism

Landscapes new to me, you go from the desert to the green one, orchards, hills, endless expanses of scorched earth and the temperature rises considerably.

Here we are in this pleasant city, which welcomes us for the 20 km that precede it with surreal pumps for extracting some gas or oil that seem like resting dancers. Bakesfield kingdom of country, I look forward to an evening to the rhythm of this music … but soon we discover that Sunday is a day of rest … in every sense … we just have to enjoy a good steak! Travel and Tourism

Towards Las Vegas, with a full tank of fuel and water … we cross the Mojave desert. I pause for a moment to remember this American mania for keeping the air conditioning too high indoors, a waste of this energy I can’t understand, not to mention the amount of ice they can put in a glass of water …

Immense spaces, infinite expanses, population density below low,  Travel and Tourism.

▷  Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! Travel and Tourism ◁

Travel and Tourism : What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! In contravention of this slogan which has now become the only rule that cannot be broken in the “Sin City”, I want to tell you about my trip to the world capital of entertainment and transgression. Travel and Tourism.

 I breathed the air of Las Vegas as soon as I set foot at McCarran International Airport: I looked around and… something was wrong… flight attendants, shops, rushed passengers, slot machines… Slot machines ?! Yup! You read that right! A series of slot machines placed in the waiting areas welcomed travelers by inviting them to cheat waiting for their flight with a spin! I could not believe! Travel and Tourism

I take a taxi to downtown and, after about 8 minutes of travel, I glimpse the unmistakable glittering skyline of Las Vegas, and in a moment I find myself on the Strip getting drunk on lights and music. Travel and Tourism


I must admit, I was prejudiced against this city and what it could offer to visitors. I have always thought of Las Vegas as a dirty jumble of hotels and casinos, a city devoid of interest in the eyes of a person who, like me, is resistant to any type of gambling and who hardly plays merchant at the fair. . Instead, I had to change my mind. I spent two full days exploring this sparkling “Toyland” which, contrary to popular belief, offers not only entertainment for adults but also entertainment and pastimes for families. Concerts by international stars, Cirque du Soleil shows and other shows enliven the nights of Sin City in hotels with slightly extravagant, sometimes excessive, but affordable styles, more than you think. Travel and Tourism

❤️ Visit the Vegas Travel and Tourism ⚡

Giant neon billboards, intermittent lights and flashes, restaurants framed by colorful lighting and, of course, a disproportionate number of casinos with dazzling and tempting signs have given me a faithful portrait of Las Vegas immortalized in dozens of American films: from The Black City to Ocean’s Eleven passing through Crashing Las Vegas.

Just take a tour of the famous “Strip” to understand how this city is, without a shadow of a doubt, yet another example of American megalomania, the urban representation of the motto “Big is beautiful”: this is where, in my opinion, lies its charm. With about 7 kilometers of pure entertainment, the “Strip” is the Las Vegas street overlooked by casinos and hotels, true attractions of the city. Las Vegas hotels are real theme parks that contain marvels to be discovered: refined restaurants, beauty farms, auditoriums, discos, concert halls, luxurious shopping centers, circuses and museums and, of course, the inevitable casinos. Everything is themed and in line with the style of the hotel it belongs to. Get ready because you won’t be able to visit everything in one day!

Starting from the bottom of Las Vegas boulevard (original name of the Strip) we meet the Mandala Bay Hotel, inside which you can visit the Shark Reef, the only North American aquarium dedicated to predatory fish, and the Luxor Hotel, which wins the challenge of spectacular because it has the shape of a black pyramid with an Egyptian-style setting inside. Continuing on, we see the medieval tower of Excalibur, a hotel that reproduces the shapes of a real medieval castle and which has, inside, typical settings of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. Travel and Tourism

❤️ Read also: Visiting Valencia: travelogue Travel and Tourism ❤️

 The New York hotel instead, a little further on, reproduces the skyline of the Big Apple: the Statue of Liberty welcomes tourists who, once inside, can visit the hotel with interiors inspired by Wall Street, stroll outside among the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and Brooklyn Bridge, or take a ride on the roller coaster that runs through them. On the opposite side of the Strip we find MGM, the second largest hotel in the world, inspired by Hollywood cinema and location of the Cirque du Soleil show “Kà”. Nearby are also the Hotel Tropicana, the new Aladdin and the Hotel Montecarlo.

Continuing on the “Strip” we meet a splendid “miniature” Eiffel Tower (so to speak), 165 meters high, which welcomes us to the Paris Las Vegas Hotel which reproduces some famous Paris attractions such as the Arc de Triomphe, the opera of Garnier and the Louvre. Travel and Tourism

At this point we enter the “cinematic” corner of the Strip: the Bellagio and the Caesar Palace Hotel were in fact the scene of the filming, respectively, of the films “Ocean’s Eleven” and “The Hangover”. Travel and Tourism

The Bellagio reproduces the style of the houses of Lake Como and every evening it offers tourists an evocative show of water games, lights and music that takes place in the artificial lake on which the same tree.

🥇 What travel blog is ours? Travel and Tourism MORE INFORMATION 🙂

Travel and Tourism : is a travel blog born from the desire to share our passion for travel. Travel and Tourism  He tells of the trips we have experienced firsthand to be of help and support to those who want to organize their own or to give the right impetus to those who do not yet have the courage. The goal of our travel blog is to share the places we have traveled with a person’s gaze that is as local as possible. Travel and Tourism

✅  Travel and Tourism  We consider ourselves travelers and not tourists because in the places we go we love to learn more than to know, to be contaminated more than to visit. 🤓

We love to find unusual places outside the tourist destinations already mapped out whether they are clubs, museums, restaurants or hidden corners and above all we love to taste local food and wine. Travel and Tourism

The name of the blog, in honor of the splendid training book I’ll take you and I take you away from Ammaniti, we chose it because at any time, even alone, you can take it and take it away. Take and go… anywhere. And you don’t need an exaggerated budget if you are willing to go, get to know, meet. We are convinced that it is within the borders of the beautiful country or in the rest of the world that no place is unreachable if you have the true desire to know it.

🔥 Travel and Tourism  On miprendoemiportovia you will find: 🤑

– Travel diaries around the world on all continents

– Travel columns: appointments & co dedicated to events and exhibitions around the world; meetings dedicated to meetings of people made on the go; thoughts in motion dedicated to reflections on travel; app & tourism dedicated to apps, sites etc that revolve around the world of tourism; #vivilitalia a space curated by those who live in a place in Italy and want to make it known to the whole world Travel and Tourism

– Travel with children: Traveling with Manina is the part of the blog dedicated to travel with children born in 2013 with the birth of our son Ala Manina (his hand is the first thing we saw of him during the first ultrasound and from here his nickname) We are convinced that 3 can travel as much and as much as before as a couple. When we travel with our baby we travel light without a stroller and we go wherever we are convinced that he is calm if we are! Travel and Tourism

– Travel & flavors: we are lovers of good wine and Luca passionate about craft beer so we decided to dedicate a section of the blog to wine tourism and another to beer tourism.

– Thermal tourism: Terme & spa are another great passion of ours so we could not help but dedicate another section of the blog to thermal tourism! Travel and Tourism

💥You are preparing a trip: how important are travel books or novels set in the place you visit? Travel and Tourism 💥

“Every time we prepare a trip we try to immerse ourselves totally in that reality by reading posts on various blogs (professional deformation perhaps ??), to which we integrate the information of the legendary Lonely Planet, but we do not believe that this is enough. We also like to immerse ourselves in that reality to capture its social and cultural aspect, so we rely on novels set in that country. We read as much as possible, we go to the trusted bookstore, we consult specific facebook groups and we let ourselves be advised! “

What are the three travel books you would recommend reading and why?

“In our blog we have a special page dedicated to advice on travel reading that you can find at this link. Here are collected the most loved travel books ever. Drawing up a ranking is difficult because everyone reminds us of a particular moment of preparation for the trip or, as happened for Brazil and Australia, the books we recommend are those read during the trip, which kept us company and in a certain sense explained that country. “.

Let’s move instead to the technical: to prepare for a trip, do traditional guides still count? And the apps work? Travel and Tourism

“As I said before, when I prepare a trip I use both travel guides and blogs. I’m getting familiar with the apps little by little for the moment I’m not completely fond of them yet. On this last trip between Austria and Hungary I tried the tripadvisor apps and I was happy enough to get last-minute advice on where to go and what to do “. Travel and Tourism

What will be the destination of your next trip? Do you already know which book you will start with?

“We have just returned from an on the road in central Europe, so for a few months small trips await us during the weekend. We are still thinking about the next big trip and hopefully hopefully it could be in April. We would like to go to know the origins of the blues in New Orleans, I’m still looking for the book if you have any advice … ” Travel and Tourism.

🙂  Las Vegas: what to see in 3 days in the “city of sin” Travel and Tourims Degree 🥇

Travel and Tourims Degree : In Las Vegas you will find all kinds of hotels and entertainment, from the most chic to the most vulgar. When I talk about hotels in Las Vegas, do not imagine places intended only for overnight stays, here the hotels are the central point of city life and each of them is a real themed citadel, with its entertainment, shows with famous stars international, wedding chapels, restaurants, play and relaxation areas. Travel and Tourims Degree

🤓   Travel and Tourims Degree MORE INFORMATIOM ✅

If you are wondering which hotel to choose in Las Vegas, you have two options: you can choose one of the many resorts on the Strip, or one of the motels in the nearby streets, which cost much less. Travel and Tourims Degree  If you decide on this solution, do not be afraid, the hotels on the Strip and their services are open to the public and not just to guests. Most of the hotels on the Strip connect to each other in some way. On the ground floor there are the areas dedicated to casinos, all the same, with their carpet in shades of beige and brick and that annoying sweet smell. Here people spend hours there, armed with cigarettes, sunglasses and soft drinks. The private rooms, which can be seen from time to time, are instead reserved for those who “play hard”. And speaking of casinos, I have to dispel a myth: you know in the movies when you see those sexy bombs of waitresses squeezed in skimpy uniforms pass by? Here, the uniforms are those, but the content is not exactly like in the common imagination.  Travel and Tourims Degree  They are mostly women marked by time and – above all – by a lifestyle that is most likely not too healty… Going up the hotel floors you will find all kinds of cuisine, shops or diversions. Travel and Tourims Degree

Las Vegas has a rich calendar of shows and concerts featuring internationally renowned artists (the Cirque du Soleil shows are beautiful). You can buy tickets online or in hotels. In addition, some hotels are equipped with real rides, as if it were Gardaland! Travel and Tourims Degree

If you want to see the surroundings of Las Vegas or go as far as the Grand Canyon,  Travel and Tourims Degree perhaps by helicopter, your wishes will be fulfilled, online or along the Strip you will find proposals for day tours of all kinds. In particular I point out:

a visit to the Grand Canyon by helicopter

a visit from the South Rim to the Grand Canyon on the road

Group tours also depart from Las Vegas – like the one I took part in – that will take you to explore the National Parks of the West (find the itinerary of my trip at the link at the bottom of the page 😉).

🔥  What to see in Las Vegas Travel and Tourims Degree 🤑  

Don’t think that Las Vegas can only be visited in the evening, the hotels and their attractions are available 24 hours a day. Find below a walking itinerary and some tips for visiting the city 😉.

Start walking the Strip, visit Mandalay’s Shark Reef Aquarium and say hello to the pharaohs at Luxor.

Look for the sword in the stone at Excalibur and say goodbye to the Statue of Liberty at New York – New York, but not before taking a ride on the roller coaster that surrounds the roof of the hotel with a fall of 43 meters (for lovers of genre – like me – it’s really funny! 🙂).

Check out the memorabilia of rock stars at the Hard Rock Café and then have a drink in the Cosmopolitan’s three-tiered chandelier. Stop in front of the Bellagio and admire the spectacle of the dancing fountains (in the dark it is truly magical) and the lobby embellished with 2000 flowers. A bit of French dolce vita at Paris Las Vegas with its Tower Experience.

Aren’t you tired yet? Lose yourself (literally) in the Caesar Palace, which will welcome you with a replica of the Nike of Samothrace (just don’t ask me why…). Pay your respects to the Chilean flamingos that inhabit the Flamigo’s inner garden and then take a ride on the LINQ’s High Roller (giant Ferris wheel).

At this point comes the highlight. The Venetian! Dear my travelers, because in the middle of the desert you will have the opportunity to visit our beloved, romantic, Venice, reproduced in great detail (that the Rialto Bridge is an escalator is another matter …).

💥  The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas Travel and Tourims Degree 💥

If the outside has left you speechless, you cannot understand the inside of the hotel … They have rebuilt the Grand Canal of Venice on the second floor, complete with shops, Venetian masks and gondolas that move under a sky that changes color. depending on the time. The gondoliers are true opera singers and a Romanesque tour costs about $ 80 (practically like in Venice) and a lot of waiting in line. Walking along the canal you will end up in Piazza San Marco and it will leave you breathless … Travel and Tourims Degree.

▷  Tourism Degree  NEVADA | Las Vegas: 5 reasons why you should include it in your trip ◁

Tourism Degree : Las Vegas, the capital of unbridled entertainment, of luxury, of excess. The city where everything is allowed and where the most tenacious limitations are swept away by the desire to live, for once, those desires we had only dreamed of. Tourism Degree


Las Vegas immediately put a smile on my face. All so excessive, chic and cheeky that it makes you laugh out loud. Thinking that for someone that is real luxury is incredibly fun, seeing how high the level of tamarraggine can become even more. Tourism Degree

The most absurd thing is the arrival on the famous Strip. From the driest and most lonely desert to the most sparkling skyscrapers in the world. From the soft beige of the scorched earth to the reflective gold of the Trump Tower glass. And yes, to think that its owner has reached the chair of President is even more absurd … Tourism Degree

There are those who hate it and there are those who love it … and there are many reasons. Then let’s try to see them together!

👌 Tourism Degree 5 REASONS TO GO TO LAS VEGAS:  👌

1. To get there you have to cross the Mojave.

The metropolitan area of ​​Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert, one of the largest in the United States and of which Joshua Tree is also part. Driving through the road that cuts through it, allowing the transition from California to Nevada, is magnificent. Stop and imagine yourself dancing in nowhere like Madonna in Frozen, even more stimulating. Tourism Degree

2. Las Vegas is right between the Grand Canyon and Death Valley

Whether you want to visit it via the more touristic route (South Rim) or the more adventurous one (North Rim), the most strategic starting point is the “Sin City”. Of course, dozens of helicopter flights depart from here every day to allow customers to enjoy the view from above of the most famous Canyon in the world.

The other recommended tour is of course Death Valley. A desert with temperatures that often reach 50 degrees, a dryness that burns the throat and a ghost town to be discovered. Truly an extraterrestrial landscape that fills the eyes. Tourism Degree

3. Hotels cost very little in Las Vegas!

You will never believe it but it is true. Staying in an extra luxury 5-star hotel has costs comparable to an Italian 3-star hotel. The reason? Their purpose is to make you spend extra money, not to empty your wallet on arrival. Minibars with stellar prices, all kinds of wellness services and of course the inevitable game tables. This is where the maximum profit of these ultra-luxury mega-resorts happens. If you are able to limit the desire to bet on slot machines, Las Vegas will be an excellent base to visit everything around with all the comforts you could wish for.

las vegas

4. Find the best shows in the world.

The greatest international artists make a stop in Las Vegas. Celine Dion puts on a regular show all year round at Caesar’s Palace, but not to be missed is that of the magician David Copperfield and Britney Spears, an idol from the 90s.

Each month Cirque du Soleil puts on different shows at every hotel on the Strip: from the Michael Jackson-inspired one at Mandalay Bay to the brand new Mystere at Treasure Island.

For boxing lovers, the events not to be missed take place in the arenas of the MGM Grand and Caesar’s Palace. When we were in California, the event of the century took place: Mayweather against McGregor. Followed by fans around the world he had tickets starting at stellar numbers of thousands of dollars. Tourism Degree

5. Las Vegas fulfills your wishes.

Whatever your passion, whatever you want to do, in Las Vegas you can.

You can eat in any type of restaurant, from any kitchen in the world and 24 hours a day.

There are shops that sell all sorts of items, from the most expensive brands to fetishes for collectors. Music fans will be able to invest in a Beatles guitar or a Freddie Mercury autograph, those of technology will be able to try new glasses for augmented reality or nanotechnology worthy of NASA.

And let’s not forget art: numerous international artists exhibit in Las Vegas, selling their works to interested billionaires. These are mainly modernist sculptors and painters, but a visit to their exhibition is still open to everyone.


Of course, not everyone appreciates the sin city style. For many, Vegas may seem like a sad destination for hardcore gamblers. Walking through the immense gaming rooms of hotels can indeed give this vision. Many are kidnapped, almost lobotomized, by multicolored slot machines and psychedelic effects. Others can’t stop betting at the gaming tables.

All this happens every hour of every day. Whether it’s eight in the morning or four in the morning, the Casinos are full of people in equal measure. Tourism Degree

The trick is not to get absorbed by it Tourism Degree.

🥇 SAFE WELCOME PROTOCOL Hotel Deals Last Minute 🙂

Hotel Deals Last Minute : In maximum safety, you can choose how to spend carefree moments immersed in the nature of our outdoor spaces, to relax among the trees and green lawns. Hotel Deals Last Minute

Apulia Hotel guarantees the implementation of safety rules and protocols on a daily basis to meet the guidelines on hygiene and cleanliness for our guests and our team.

🤓  AIR CONDITIONING Hotel Deals Last Minute ✅

At each check-out, we sanitize the filters of the room air conditioners and intensify the frequency of sanitization of the filters of the air conditioners in the common areas.


In each area of ​​the hotel, dispensers are available for customers and collaborators to dispense hydroalcoholic disinfectant gels, promoting their frequent use by guests and staff.

🔥  ROOMS, COMMON AREAS, RESTAURANT / BAR Hotel Deals Last Minute  🤑

Our areas offer large windows that favor the ventilation of the rooms. We have intensified the sanitation procedures with particular attention to commonly used devices and eliminated all items that cannot be sanitized. Before the arrival of each guest, the rooms are sanitized with hydroalcoholic solution and hydrogen peroxide. At the end of each table service we provide the usual cleaning and disinfection measures of the surfaces.


Water safety is guaranteed by automatic chlorination systems. The control of the parameters established by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità is intensified in order to ensure a level of protection from infection. The areas belonging to the swimming pools are sanitized at least once a day and in any case at each change of person or family unit with a sodium hypochlorite solution. Hotel Deals Last Minute



We start from a privileged situation, thanks to large indoor and outdoor spaces that develop over large surfaces, which have always guaranteed maximum privacy and where it is easy to keep your distance. In the structures we favor the differentiation of routes with particular attention to the entrance and exit areas, highlighted by information signs and delimitation of spaces.

💥  RESTAURANTS AND BARS Hotel Deals Last Minute 💥

We guarantee the spacing of the tables in all internal and external restaurants with assigned tables, to ensure compliance with the numbers. The service is served and not buffet style to combine maximum safety with the pleasure of an exclusive experience. Hotel Deals Last Minute


The password will be “outdoors”. In accordance with the indications of distancing during the activities, we offer various outdoor entertainment and entertainment activities.



The check-in procedures can be partially completed before arrival in order to avoid as much as possible close contact with the reception staff. Electronic contactless payment systems are preferred during check out. Hotel Deals Last Minute


For access to the facilities, body temperature detection with contactless termoscan devices may be required, in compliance with the safety and privacy of guests and staff.


Guests and contact staff must always wear surgical masks in closed common areas and in common outdoor areas, in all cases where it is not possible to respect the distance of at least one meter.


We have appointed a person responsible for constantly monitoring the application of procedures in terms of the safety of guests and staff. Access to the structure dedicated to staff and daily control of temperature detection with a thermoscanner. Hotel Deals Last Minute


All our staff are trained to ensure the safety protocols so that they can safely carry out the assigned tasks. Hotel Deals Last Minute.

🥇 Offers and stay proposals: how to use them in your hotel Hotel Deals Last Minute 🙂

Hotel Deals Last Minute  : Do you know and take advantage of all the powerful marketing weapons at your disposal?

There is a substantial difference between offers and accommodation proposals, even if the two terms are often used improperly or inverted.

Today I try to clarify a bit.

The stay proposals are nothing more than the price of your structure and the services you offer for a given period, a real “package”, well organized and extremely targeted to your target audience.  Hotel Deals Last Minute

Let’s take an example:

A proposal that you will surely have used is that of the New Year, when there is a tendency to sell a package of 2 or 3 nights, organized and “enclosed” in an attractive commercial proposal.

Similarly, it is customary to make proposals for Easter, for Bridges or for Valentine’s Day, perhaps offering a bottle of bubbles and a shower of rose petals on the bed.

🤓  Correct? Does it come back to you? I hope so. Hotel Deals Last Minute ✅

The offers, on the other hand, are basic proposals to which you can “possibly, but not necessarily” apply a discount or add a service that amplifies the perceived value for a better rate.

In both cases, whether we are talking about proposals or offers, the customer does not care.

The customer only cares about what your value proposition is for a given period.

Man, understood as belonging to the human race, is a simple animal, he seeks a finite price, a closed package, a simple proposal to choose.

The simplicity of presentation and the creation of proposals are the basis of the professional sale of your rooms.

Stop, stop, I know very well that everything is already in your booking engine and it would be enough to search “From – To” to get the finished price for that specific period.

But as I have already told you, man is a simple animal and must be treated as such.

🔥  Let’s try to reason together. Hotel Deals Last Minute 🤑

If you were to book for New Year’s Eve or for any other period, you would be more attracted to a package called “New Year Special 2019 – The thrill of celebrating a wonderful start for you and your family!” or from the mask of a Booking Engine, always the same, with the words “From – To – Book”?

I think the answer comes by itself.

The point is to understand that people want to know that there is a package that is tailor-made and especially for them. Hotel Deals Last Minute

This way they will immediately realize that choosing your hotel is the best solution, because in their eyes it will appear specialized and organized for that specific stay.

Imagine, therefore, being able to have a specific value proposition for each period of the year that deserves its existence: Hotel Deals Last Minute

💥  Hotel Deals Last Minute  Specific fairs and events in your destination; 💥

Various recurrences;

Specific and difficult to sell weeks;

Packaged summer weeks;

New Year;


Valentine’s day;


Mother’s Day;

Various bridges: 25 April; May 1st; June 2.

And so on. I limited myself to less than 15% of the real possibilities. Hotel Deals Last Minute

In fact, there are tons of other periods or reasons why it would be worth creating a value proposition that meets your customers’ wishes. Hotel Deals Last Minute

Having a proposal, or offer if you prefer, for each of these moments will immediately create a very strong connection between you and the guest: the customer will find in you and in your facility, a concrete answer to their need.

Additionally, offers on your site will help you achieve your strategic goals and communicate your value.

Each proposal you create on your site must be accompanied not only by the price and the services offered, but also by information and specific services for that specific event, moment or occasion.

Each proposal will need to have a level of extreme care and you won’t have to speak to ONE client, but you will have to speak to THAT client.

Customer who is coming to your destination for an extremely specific reason. Hotel Deals Last Minute

Doing this, creating specific content for your customers’ stay, is a long and not easy job, but it will guarantee you to be perceived as a specialized and perfect hotel to stay.

You will not be one of the many that offers the “From – To – Book”, but you will be the hotel that speaks the customer’s language. Hotel Deals Last Minute

Unfortunately, that’s not all, there is still much more to know to do a great job. Hotel Deals Last Minute

Are you interested? Hotel Deals Last Minute

🥇  Create an offer that sells for your Hotel Deals Last Minute 🙂

Hotel Deals Last Minute  : Are few booking requests coming from your site or are you having difficulty filling all the rooms in your hotel during the season? Offering “special offers” on your website can be the solution. Special-offer Hotel Deals Last Minute

What is a special offer?

It is a message created ad hoc for your audience, where you propose a stay in your facility with a very specific thematic key, linked to very specific emotional levers, which motivate the user’s decision-making inputs towards booking.

The levers are not only economic, but above all emotional, linked to an event, an opportunity, a situation.

🤓  Hotel Deals Last Minute  When are special offers used? ✅

It is very useful to plan the offers based on the periods statistically with fewer bookings and in the periods where any empty rooms would weigh on the seasonal budget, creating a real calendar for the periods of unoccupied rooms. Hotel Deals Last Minute

In carrying out this plan, however, it should be borne in mind that in high season peaks it can often happen that one or two rooms are filled even at the last moment. Hotel Deals Last Minute

Do you already use offers?

If your site already has an area dedicated to offers that you use regularly, but you don’t have important results, your offers could be made badly or with the wrong logic.

If – on the contrary – you do not have this possibility, it is time to contact your web manager and ask for its implementation.

🔥 How to create offers Hotel Deals Last Minute 🤑

In the creation of an offer you do not necessarily have to apply discounts as you are mistakenly led to think, but you can offer well-designed and thought-out tourist packages, at a cumulative price (if you want also discounted), which lead the customer to in a single attractive proposal the solution for the holidays, without the need to think about any further necessary additional services.

This proposal must intercept the need that the user has at that moment, must be comfortable and must represent an interesting holiday solution.

The variety of types of offers in your editorial plan will allow you to intercept the various audiences.

In this regard, it will also be possible to propose an offer with the prices in the list already including the calculation of several days, in addition to be more effective it can be described as an offer for a specific holiday, for a weekend, or for the week.

💥  special-offer-postit Hotel Deals Last Minute 💥

How do you write the offer for a hotel?

When preparing the text of the offer, the more targeted it will be, the more effective it will be, therefore it will be necessary to first identify the target audience, and the levers to use for a persuasive and interesting offer.

Let’s take an example.

If triple rooms remain free in the period of interest, you can prepare a holiday package that is perfect for a family with children (ideal for occupying the triple) describing that the hotel is equipped for children, has dedicated areas or is nearby. to theme parks, so that the user recognizes himself in the offer so as to have a greater probability that he decides to consider it the right solution to his needs, and book.

If you have received public recognition for a particular service or you can boast particularly positive reviews, quote them in the text of the offer so as to make the idea that you are the best in that field and make the offer even more attractive.

Furthermore, an excellent lever to encourage booking and to appeal to customers is to propose an offer that is limited either in number or in time using the classic formula

Don’t forget your contacts! Hotel Deals Last Minute

In conclusion to the offer, never forget to insert a call to action such as “book now”, “contact us” or “call” to push the user to action. Hotel Deals Last Minute

People generally prefer human contact, and may want to have a telephone interview before booking, so try to indicate a phone that is always available or enter a booking form. Hotel Deals Last Minute.

💥  How to find cheap flights For Cheap Flights 🥇

For Cheap Flights : How are cheap flights? This is the question that friends often ask me and that is why I decided to write this article. For Cheap Flights

In fact, since I took advantage of the offer for Japan A / R at 285 euros, my way of looking for the cheapest flights and airfares has changed a lot, since until recently it was limited only to entering the destination and dates of departure and arrival in a flight search engine and to buy the first price that was shown to me.

✅  Patience, perseverance and above all flexibility For Cheap Flights 🙂

The watchword is patience. There is no magic potion to find low-cost flights, but first of all you have to try to search patiently from day to day: without research you get little.

If, on the other hand, you have the consistency to dedicate a few moments of your day to researching flights, sooner or later you will be rewarded. First of all try to search directly on the companies’ websites, often very interesting rates come out.

🤑  For Cheap Flights Another option are flight search engines, which are now being wasted on the web. 🤓

My favorites are:

I’ll say it right away: if you are hoping to find an intercontinental flight at the turn of August or the Christmas holidays, starting from the nearest airport possible, with fewer stopovers and spending less than 300 euros, then don’t even try it.

It can happen to find it, in life everything is possible, but the odds are close to zero.

Instead, look for dates that are not fixed but flexible, preferring low season periods, flexible airports and, why not, even flexible destinations. In short, try, try, try various combinations of routes, dates and airports.

In fact, one way to find lower fares is to search from airports other than those we usually use. For example, to buy a flight to South America, it is often much cheaper to look for a flight from Madrid than from Rome or Milan: prices often turn out to be hundreds of euros lower, you can then, for example, reach Madrid with a low-cost.

I am often asked how I choose the destinations for my travels and I reply that it is the destinations that choose me: the choice falls largely on the basis of the rates I find for a particular destination. Why don’t you try? It’s fun, do a search and in the end choose the one with the cheapest plane ticket as your destination meta. For Cheap Flights

🔥  Let’s start with one at a time. For Cheap Flights 🔥

What is an error-do? Airlines use algorithms to calculate the price of their airline tickets that are not perfect, but are prone to errors. Hence, due to these errors, extremely interesting rates sometimes come out, rates to be taken “on the fly”.  For Cheap Flights

However, keep in mind that errors-making, being real errors, are corrected by the airlines when they notice them: it is essential to be quick in purchasing, since often these fares, precisely because of their nature, last a few hours. . Then the company notices them, corrects them and goodbye bargain price. However, when we bought the ticket, this is a real contract, so even if it was a mistake, the airline is still required to respect it. For Cheap Flights

Sometimes, however, some airlines use mistakes as real marketing strategies. It doesn’t matter, the price is still low. For Cheap Flights

How do you find the faults? Very easy, either you do a google search and then you will see a lot of sites that deal with it, or do like me and go directly to these 3:

Other excellent resources are the forums, I point out in particular one:

Open jaws are simply flights that depart and arrive from different destinations. For example an open jaw is a flight that makes the following itinerary:

Rome-Tokyo & Tokyo-Budapest

Sometimes the open-jaws have much lower fares than the return route in the same city and in addition, which I personally love very much, they also allow you to arrive and depart from different places. For Cheap Flights

Generally, the prices of flights in these cases are never very low, but you can find good fares that become even better by taking advantage of the discount codes that are easy to find on the net. For Cheap Flights.

🙂  How to find cheap air flights – For Cheap Flights 🥇

For Cheap Flights :  How many times have it happened to you that you want to organize the perfect vacation, try to plan the entire booking including the purchase of airline tickets and fail to understand how to find cheap flights? For Cheap Flights

We know what it means, we too have found ourselves in this situation several times in the past, after a while we finally understood what we were wrong and now low cost couple travel is no longer a problem. For Cheap Flights

Years of reservations, mistakes and tricks learned along the way that we want to share with you in this article, with some little tips that will help you cut costs when buying your next plane ticket. For Cheap Flights

💥  Keep your search Top Secret! For Cheap Flights  ✅

How many times has it happened to you to look for a flight, think about it for a while before buying it and in a subsequent search (even after just a few hours) to find the significantly higher flight price? For Cheap Flights

You do not have hallucinations, the price of the flight changes after searching for it several times due to browser cookies. The site in question wants to make you “hurry” and push you to book the flight as soon as possible because the price could still increase, it’s a simple marketing maneuver. For Cheap Flights

To prevent this from happening, you can search for flights in incognito or private mode and only once you are sure you are buying the ticket, open a normal page and make the payment. You will see that in this way you will not have any nasty surprises.

🤑 how-to-find-cheap-flights For Cheap Flights 🤓

Use the best aggregator sites for air flights. The aggregator sites allow, thanks to algorithms, to find the most convenient prices and compare them between the various airlines. Some of these add only a small percentage to the price, thus keeping costs low, while others insert higher prices, making it less competitive.

Try to understand how these sites work, make a comparison while looking for the right flight and finally decide which one is right for you.

Among the most famous we have:

Skyscanner, our favorite; before booking any flight we do an incognito search to get an overview of what we might need and what might be the most suitable flight for our needs

Google Flight is a great tool for quickly comparing flight dates, routes and prices

Others used are Kayak, Momondo, Expedia, Skiplagged

Once you’ve found your favorite, always cross-check with others and visit the airline’s website to make sure you actually find the lowest price. This is one of the most important tips on how to find cheap air flights.

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Be flexible on departure and return dates For Cheap Flights

It is now known that the prices of airline tickets also vary according to the day of the week, the period of the year and the most common holidays, such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc.

For example, August is one of the favorite months to travel because of the holidays you have in this period, it is easy to understand that in this month the flight prices will be higher and it will be difficult to find offers. For Cheap Flights

Try to be flexible with your travel dates if you can, and fly out of season.

Also, it is always cheaper to fly in the middle of the week than on a weekend because airlines raise prices due to the many people traveling on weekends due to force majeure.

🔥  How to find cheap air flights on the right dates? For Cheap Flights 🔥

The best strategy is to get a quick view of the prices for a full month and identify which days are the cheapest for your specific case.

Here’s how to do it:

Go to the Skyscanner website and enter your departure and arrival cities

Select “one way” (even if you do a return flight this helps determine the cheapest days to fly)

Instead of selecting a specific date, select “All month”, then “Most convenient month” so you can browse all dates to see which is the cheapest. Press “Search flights” to easily see which date is cheaper


Be flexible in choosing your destination

If you can’t be flexible in choosing your vacation dates then try to be flexible with the destination.

Flight site engines have now made the task of finding the cheapest destination a breeze. For example, Google flights allows you to enter the departure airport and a map will open on the side screen where the prices will appear so as to have a wider overview of the destination to choose.

The same thing happens with Skyscanner, here is an example.


Fly low cost – how to find cheap air flights For Cheap Flights

Low-cost airlines are known to offer significantly cheaper tickets than other major airlines.

Travel and Tourism

🙂  How to find cheap air flights For Cheap Flights 🥇

For Cheap Flights : An unusual post this for me, a post that I promised to someone and that someone will save the holiday, I bet. For Cheap Flights

Anyone who has the same disease as me knows, there are days when you wake up and have only one thing in mind all day: book a good, cheap, beautiful flight. So the research is triggered, it’s a drug, seriously. For Cheap Flights

A lot of people write to me “how can I write a travel blog if I don’t have the money to buy flights? how did you do in the beginning? “. How did I do it in the beginning? I wasted whole afternoons looking for flights, the least expensive routes, with the most barbed stopovers to get the best at the lowest price. This is how Viaggi Low Cost was born and this is still my travel philosophy today. Of course, over time my passion, afternoons dedicated to flying sites instead of studying, led me to make this hobby a real job, but then who knew? For Cheap Flights.

I remember that even then, friends and acquaintances asked me how they could find a good flight at minimal cost. I had fun, I was looking for the best routes for them, we booked together, it was my favorite pastime. Then the job arrived, and many trips were then paid for and paid for, but the taste for hunting the cheapest flights remained with me. For Cheap Flights For Cheap Flights

A few examples? A few months ago I was obsessed with Australia, I wanted Giulio to see the land of kangaroos before his two years, so before the full ticket. By scanning the various websites that I know and which I rely on regularly, I had found a great deal, but I had waited a few days too long: the flight was gone after just 4 days.

So, when I found South Africa for € 1040 round trip for all three, with British Airways, departing from Bologna and stopover in London, I didn’t miss it and booked instantly.

Other examples? New York from Rome at Christmas for € 756 for all three, two adults and one infant (non-stop). But I could endlessly give examples: I love booking flights and I love finding the lowest rate offered and when I go to a fixed destination, save those who can.

This post is published for a reason, to give you some loose change tips on where to look and how to book. Advice that I first of all make good use of, then you will decide if these are advice that are also valid for you.

🤓  Pirates in Flight For Cheap Flights  ✅

A site, an institution. Pirates in Flight I love it, it is among my favorites also because I can see it very well from my smartphone. When I have a free minute I go to check on the site if there are any Price Errors and if by chance there are low cost flights. I never book by passing by the sites that indicate me to them, but I go to the official website of the airline that they indicate in the post. My fixation? I don’t know, but I think it’s the best thing to really see the price, understand the departure times and cities.

🔥  What is a Price Error? For Cheap Flights 🤑

Pirati in Volo explains it very well by dedicating a particular page to it. Price Errors are coveted by everyone and this is essentially the real reason for the great success of the portal. Booking a 5-star hotel in Bangkok for only € 20 per night, booking a  flight to Japan for € 180 round trip, doesn’t it seem like a dream? Yet it happened. For Cheap Flights

A pricing error is for the most part a human error, a typo for example or an error that occurs for a specific stopover on an airline flight, a stopover that may not be in Italy. That’s why the most important thing to get a good Price Mistake is to be flexible and this leads me to tell you about my second tip. For Cheap Flights

💥 Book from European airports For Cheap Flights 💥

The best way to find a good flight is not always to book from Italy. I’ll explain.

It is clear that I am from Rimini, I would prefer to leave Bologna to go to Sydney and not to leave from London or Madrid, but if I find an excellent flight that takes me from Paris to Melbourne, with only one stopover and it costs me 350 € less per person, from Bologna to Paris, with Ryanair I go there 8 times and I also do eight round trips and eight return flights for the same amount. For Cheap Flights

Being flexible means having the ability to manage your holidays, I know a sore case. However, if you have the opportunity to leave on Tuesday 22nd and return on Thursday 31st, you will probably find many more flights and you will have a decidedly high saving compared to the tour operator package or the package offered by the travel agency. For Cheap Flights.

It is all about understanding what kind of trip you want to do. There are people who fit very well and who would also leave Oslo to save 500 € in two and there are people who love comfort and who only make one trip a year and who, to rest assured, invest those 500 € in comfort without have unnecessary fluttering. I think there is no need to clarify too much that in this post I am addressing the former, to those like me who have a serious travel disease and who pay us all with € 500 For Cheap Flights